James Mangold shares dramatic black-and-white clip from Logan

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May 2, 2017, 12:25 PM EDT (Updated)

Logan director James Mangold has released a black-and-white sequence from 20th Century Fox’s upcoming Wolverine adventure.

The one-minute clip features Logan (played by Hugh Jackman in his alleged final appearance as Wolverine) driving several people around in a limo. While we see Logan guzzling down some booze whilst behind the wheel (a big no-no, you guys), we can also hear him in a phone message expressing his desire to buy a Sunseeker boat for his "dad" (I'm guessing his "dad" is Charles Xavier) as a "retirement present." Keen eyed eared readers will also notice that he uses his real name: James Howlett.

As Comic Book Movie points out, this could be the movie's opening scene, but it may also never show up in the film. Either way, I'll admit I find the scene a tad depressing. Maybe it's the whole black-and-white thing.

See for yourself. Logan opens on March 3.

(via Comic Book Movie)