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Spike, Buffy the Vampire SlayerOne of the most famous names on this list, the badass vamp Spike was supposed to be a one-off baddie who dies at Buffy’s hand shortly after being introduced. That is, he was until we all realized how awesome James Marsters could be. Fans loved Spike’s spunky attitude, so they spared his life and eventually brought him back as a series regular. He was so beloved that he made the trip over for Angel’s final season after Buffy ended.

James Marsters says Spike went the distance on Buffy because 'evil is not cool to Joss'

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Mar 26, 2021, 11:03 PM EDT (Updated)

Spike may not have appeared until the third episode of Season 2 – but he sure as hell stayed until the bitter end on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But that wasn’t always going to be the case for the peroxide blonde antihero.

Yes, it’s hard to believe the beloved Spike was almost prematurely killed off by Joss Whedon, and actor James Marsters has opened up to TooFab about what his character’s original fate was going to be.

“I know that the original plan was to break Buffy's heart, which is always the plan,” Marsters tells the site. “Angel and Buffy sleep together, Angel turns evil, and he was gonna kill me off and take up with Drusilla so Buffy could get shattered.”

According to Marsters, it came down the fact that Whedon doesn’t deem evil to be “cool” that led to Spike’s prolonged survival on the show.

“They only built me up to be really cool so that Angel would be really cool when he killed me, and then they didn't kill me off. It's the weirdest thing, because evil is not cool to Joss, which I really respected. I think evil is cool, I think evil is pathetic and laughable most of the time. So when he decided not to kill me off, he built me up so cool, it's like, what do you do with that character?”

Of course, as fans of the show know, rather than continually playing the evil card, Spike ended up as one of Buffy’s true heroes in the emotional finale. He also appeared in a staggering 97 episodes, as well as an additional 24 on spinoff Angel. Not bad for a character who was intended to be D.O.A. For more on the Buffy years, Marsters recently joined SYFY WIRE for an extended conversation about his work on the show. You can read about and listen to that here.

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