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James McAvoy sustained an injury while filming It Chapter 2

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Aug 18, 2018

Things are already looking a little rough for one member of the grown-up Losers Club on the set of It: Chapter Two

James McAvoy, who plays the grown-up version of Bill in the sequel, suffered a "slight double thigh strain" while filming a fight scene with Pennywise, played again by Bill Skarsgård. The actor posted a photo of his legs covered in ice packs to Instagram, and seemed to be in good spirits as he reassured concerned fans that he's "doing just fine." 

There's been no mention of what scene was being filmed at the time, but based on McAvoy's dirty, soaking wet outfit, it's safe to assume that it took place in the sewer system underneath the town of Derry. Given that Bill plays a major role in defeating Pennywise in Stephen King's novel, it's possible that this could've gone down while filming a big, climactic fight scene. 

Right now, there's not a lot known about what we can expect from the sequel to last year's hit horror movie. Last month, the principal cast of It: Chapter Two were spotted on location at Port Hope in Ontario, Canada. 

The sequel takes place almost 30 years after the original, as the members of the Losers Club are drawn back to the town of Derry to defeat Pennywise once and for all. The movie's not due in theaters until September of 2019, so there's lots of time to speculate between now and then. 

Is there anything you're looking forward to It: Chapter Two? Let us know in the comments. 

(via: CinemaBlend)

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