James McAvoy throws down gauntlet, claims X-Men could destroy Avengers

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Jun 25, 2015, 3:30 PM EDT (Updated)

In the lead-up to the opening of X-Men: Days of Future Past next week, star James McAvoy has thrown down the gauntlet against Marvel’s other super-team.

During a recent chat with MTV, McAvoy (young Charles Xavier) was asked who might win if the movie versions of the X-Men and Avengers went toe to toe. Of course, we’ve seen this battle take place a time or two in the comics, with various degrees of success, but the film worlds are obviously a bit different.

According to McAvoy, it’d be no contest — the X-Men would wipe the floor with the Avengers, largely thanks to their mutant powers. Here’s an excerpt:

“It’s good that X-Men’s finally coming out so we can raise the bar again this year. Those guys (Avengers) are good, but this is where it starts. There’s like 40 of us, and like five of them. And one of them’s a half-man half-robot: you just turn off the power and he’s done. Another one’s a guy with a shield who’s a bit strong. I mean, come on. Guy with a bow and arrow? We’ve got guns and stuff, [Wolverine's] got claws. I could just go like ‘sit down,’ and they’ll all sit down… I could be like ‘take your clothes off,’ and they’d all be taking their clothes off. It would be a disaster.”

Admittedly, McAvoy makes some good points — and it’s hard to argue that mind control wouldn’t go a long way toward stopping this fight before it began. But Tony Stark is a smart dude, and McAvoy failed to mention how they’d handle the nigh-unstoppable power of Thor and the Hulk. So, yeah, it could be a fun brawl.

Sadly, those pesky film rights will likely leave this debate in the realm of speculation for the next few decades, but it’s fun to think about. Who do you think would win?

(Via MTV)

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