James Wan to produce Resident Evil reboot, will feature all-new cast

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May 24, 2017, 12:32 AM EDT (Updated)

Some additional details are starting to creep out about the Resident Evil reboot, and now we know who will be replacing Paul W.S. Anderson as the creative force behind the franchise. 

Deadline reports James Wan (Aquaman, Saw, The Conjuring) will be producing the new-look Resident Evil, working from a script written by Greg Russo (the upcoming Mortal Kombat reboot). Wan has a ton of horror experience and is pretty much the closest thing to a mega-producer that exists within the genre, so he’s about the smartest horror the studio could’ve made.

As expected, the report also notes this new film will feature an all new cast, so we’ve officially seen the last of Milla Jovovich’s Alice. We don’t know if that means it’ll follow closer to the video game franchise (though, Wan certainly seems suited to make a film adaptation that sticks to the haunted house beats of the first game), but it stands to reason that could be the plan.

The Resident Evil franchise has made more than $1.2 billion globally — but it’ll be interesting to see if that trend continues without Anderson pulling the strings. What do you think? What would you like to see from the new Resident Evil?

(Via Deadline)