James Cameron has been brainstorming that next Terminator movie

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Dec 15, 2012

There's both good news and bad news about the next Terminator movie, and the good news involves none other than James Cameron.

According to Deadline, the development process for Terminator 5 has been moving along, with producers hoping to put the film into production by the end of 2012, Arnold Schwarzenegger returning to the franchise and action-director-du-jour Justin Lin (Fast Five) getting behind the camera.

But a line near the end of the Deadline piece also mentions that Terminator creator James Cameron has been in "a brainstorming meeting or two" with Schwarzenegger and Lin. While this is not a complete surprise based on earlier comments made by Lin, it also sounds like Cameron could be getting more involved in the project.

Here's the bad news: Turns out that the main thrust of Deadline's report is that Lin has now had to step down as director because the proposed schedule would interfere with his commitment to making Six Times as Fast and Furious (or whatever they're calling it). Lin hinted that he could come back if the calendar works out, but it looks more likely that Terminator 5 will be looking for a new director.

So with Lin out and Cameron a bit more involved, could it be possible that the new director might be Big Jim himself?

That's probably not going to happen, since Cameron is fully immersed in prepping the second and third Avatar films, not to mention working with the folks at Disney on a brand-new Avatar attraction for the Mouse House's theme parks.

So while we wouldn't hold our breath for Cameron to direct the new Terminator film, it's still nice to know that he may be involved in a mentoring capacity. Who better to brainstorm with than the father of the T-800 himself?

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