James Cameron says: Bring on the Avatar jokes, Oscar!

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Patrick Lee
Dec 14, 2012

So you know that report that the Oscar people got nervous about a proposed skit making fun of Avatar at Sunday night's show because they didn't want to offend director James Cameron?

Cameron told E! Online to bring it on! He can take it:

Cameron said he wasn't aware that a proposed Avatar sketch involving Ben Stiller and Sacha Baron Cohen had been cut from the show, presumably to avoid upsetting the director.

"I don't know anything about that ... I don't produce the Oscars. If they want to poke fun at Avatar Sunday, that's OK by me," said Cameron.

Be careful what you wish for is what we say, particularly when it comes to Stiller and Borat. Are you ready for a pregnant Neytiri accusing Cameron of being her baby daddy?

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