James Cameron: Those 3-D versions of Star Wars were MY idea

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 14, 2012

The Oscar-winning director has been all over the place lately, talking up the Avatar DVDs, appearing on awards shows, possibly making a Cleopatra movie with Angelina Jolie. But in a recent interview, he talked about goading George Lucas into converting Star Wars into 3-D.

Yes, it's Cameron's fault — partly, anyway. The two trailblazers attended an industry convention a few years ago to spread the word about 3-D's potential, and Cameron planted the seed:

"I've been encouraging him to do that for years. He and I went to ShoWest in 2005 and he showed a little bit of converted Star Wars and I showed some of my 3D stuff, and we said, 3D is coming. We wanted to get exhibitors excited about 3D so they'd put it in the number of screens that we needed. George has been talking about this for a long time and it's finally coming to fruition, and I think that's the true and correct use of the conversion technology; for movies that are already done and are already beloved films. I want to do it with Titanic, maybe I'll go back to T2, I don't know. But it has to be done right, and it has to be done with the blessing and the supervision of the filmmaker.

"[Lucas] did hang back for a while. I think he was waiting for there to be a wide enough install base, both in movie theaters and now we're looking at the roll-out of 3D television. I think he's timed it wisely to a point where he can do the theatrical re-release and then roll right into a 3D DVD re-release."

Cameron also talked about the Avatar sequel, and when we might see it:

"I wouldn't say it's inevitable because we still haven't worked out our deal with 20th Century Fox. So we're still in an ongoing negotiation on that. Because it's a big piece of business, and I'm trying to map it out as a game plan that stretches forward 10 years. And they don't like to think that long term. We'll get it worked out, probably. I would assign a high probability to that. Whether that's my next film or not remains to be seen."

So, if the Star Wars trilogy in 3-D sucks, you know who to blame.

(New York Times via iesb.net)

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