James Cameron's Fantastic Voyage is a doomed 'love story'

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Dec 15, 2012, 11:18 AM EST

Before the Avatar mastermind James Cameron heads back to Pandora, he's working with Reel Steel director Shawn Levy to remake Fantastic Voyage, the trippy '60s bodyscape adventure. And, of course, Cameron's injecting a little Titanic into the mix.

Cameron and Levy are about two-thirds of the way through the development phase on Fantastic Voyage, and Cameron's thrilled with how it's coming together. As he told Deadline:

"I gave [Levy] my idea about how this should be turned into a love story and he's really run with it."

The 1966 original wasn't a love story, it was something of a sci-fi political thriller, with the team of miniature explorers trying to save the life of a mortally wounded defector. But, as Deadline reports, Cameron wanted this Voyage to have a real emotional core. To that end, the story deals with a doctor going through troubled times in his marriage who finds himself injected into his gravely ill wife in order to save her life.

We can only assume that Levy will find room for the product placements that littered Reel Steel before the adventurers get to the aorta.

(Via Deadline)