James Cameron's new TV show will have robots fighting to the death

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Dec 17, 2012

James Cameron has tackled everything from aliens to a crazy trip to the deepest part of the ocean in recent years, but his latest project sounds like it could be the most fun: robo battles to the death.

Cameron has teamed up with the Discovery cable network to produce Robogeddon, a non-scripted series where robots fight to the death, a la Comedy Central's Battlebots. Reality television mastermind Mark Burnett, who has worked on everything from Survivor to The Apprentice, is also involved.

It seems Cameron can't keep busy enough these days, with everything from a 3D reopening of Titanic to an Avatar sequel already on his plate.

Development is set to begin later this year on Robogeddon.

(Huffington Post via The Wrap)

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