James Marsden wants to play a True Blood vamp (but not a werewolf)

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Dec 15, 2012

Having vampires and werewolves on TV is more than a fad these days, and a certain former X-Man—actor James Marsden, aka Cyclops—would be more than willing to play one of the two supernatural creatures on True Blood.

While promoting his newest film, Straw Dogs—which also happens to co-star Alexander Skarsgard, who plays True Blood's resident Viking vampire hunk Eric Northman—James Marsden was asked by MTV if he'd love to have a role on the popular HBO series, since he's already co-starred with two of True Blood's main actors:

"Oh, that's right [I've starred with] Anna Paquin [in X-Men] and now Alexander [Skarsgård]. That's a good question."

So, would the actor rather play a vampire or a werewolf?

''If I went on True Blood, I would probably go with vampire."

And why would Marsden like to play a vampire rather than a werewolf, you ask? His answer is, funnily enough, quite simple.

"I'm not hairy enough to be a werewolf."

We don't know about you, but we think Marsden has either never seen an episode of True Blood and/or the show's resident (you guessed it) hunk of a werewolf, Alcide Herveaux, played by Joe Manganiello's, erm, smooth-looking and quite hairless, ripped body, as evidenced below:

But we digress.

Though we've no doubt Marsden could pull off the sexy, brooding vampire look—'cause he pulled off the sexy, brooding mutant look to perfection on all three X-Men films—we hope he won't close the door on possibly playing a sexy-yet-adorable werewolf (see as evidence first pic above) on the show.

That is, IF the powers that be on True Blood are open to giving Marsden a role.

Do you guys think James Marsden could—and should—play a sexy vamp on True Blood? Or would you rather see him play a werewolf?

(via Digital Spy)