Jamie Foxx says Sinister Six could be coming in Spidey sequels

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Sep 13, 2013

Could the Sinister Six actually appear in one of the upcoming sequels to The Amazing Spider-Man? Jamie Foxx says that those talks are already in progress.

Foxx -- who plays one of the Six, Electro, in next summer's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 -- was asked by Total Film about the possibility of his version of Max Dillon being joined by five other supervillains in the third and fourth entries in the series.

Foxx's reply? "Yes, they actually talked about it, the Sinister Six. So, fingers crossed, because when you think about it, electricity never dies, it just goes to a different place." 

(By the way, did he just accidentally give away that Electro won't "die" in the conventional sense at the end of the next film? Spoilers, Jamie, spoilers!)

Now, Marvel execs have been talking about the Six as far back as here, but this is the first time in more recent memory that the six-pack of evildoers has cropped up in conversation.

And what version of the Six will show up? Aside from Electro, the villains or potential bad guys in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 include Rhino (Paul Giamatti), Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper) and Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan). That's a far different lineup than the original comic-book team that included Vulture, Kraven, Doc Ock, Mysterio and Sandman, but that doesn't mean the movies have to be slavishly faithful to that.

So you've already got Electro, Rhino and probably Green Goblin. Will more villains be introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man 3, with the grand team-up happening in The Amazing Spider-Man 4? We'll have to wait until June 10, 2016, and May 4, 2018, to get the full picture on those, but meanwhile we'll get our first inkling of what's ahead when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens on May 2, 2014.

Do you think we'll see the Sinister Six on film before the decade is out? Watch Foxx's response in the video below (in which Channing Tatum also casually mentions that he'd like to play Gambit one day).

(via Slashfilm)

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