Jamie Foxx talks preparing for Spawn role: 'I'm both. I'm good and evil.'

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Jul 18, 2018, 11:35 AM EDT (Updated)

We knew Todd McFarlane was after Jamie Foxx from the beginning for his Spawn movie, thanks to the comic legend’s singular vision for the adaptation, but we haven’t heard Foxx’s side of the story about what drew him to the character — or really any details on the movie aside from Jeremy Renner’s casting as Twitch. Until now.

According to an interview by The Hollywood Reporter, Foxx was in from the get-go. “I had done all my research on Spawn,” the Oscar winner said. “I know everything about the character and what he had done. [McFarlane] was taken aback. I said, ‘Whatever you decide to do, I wanna be first up.’” That was half a decade ago. Now that the film is actually happening, there’s the matter of how one prepares for the nuanced role.

“What I tried to do is stay artistically in shape,” said Foxx. “Of course, there’s the aesthetic sense of what Spawn is, but in the cerebral sense, in [McFarlane's] script, Twitch is going through something. He prays to God, nothing happens. Should he pray to the devil? Spawn interjects himself into Twitch’s life and Twitch says, ‘Who are you?’” The interplay between Renner and Foxx will be key to the movie’s success, so both actors buying fully into their roles is a necessity.

“I said that I want to stay artistically in shape so I can deliver the line or the feeling: ‘I’m both. I’m good and I’m evil. I was blessed by God, but I was raised by the devil.’ When I explained that to [McFarlane], those years back, luckily it stayed with him,” Foxx said. When asked about the film’s production date, Foxx said he didn’t know, but that the team has “already started crafting things.”

“Clay Fontenot, who was the stunt guy in the Iron Man suit, he’s crafting Spawn now. That's the exciting part. When you see it, he’s gonna have his own identity,” Foxx said. That’s a hell of a pedigree when it comes to kicking off a superhero franchise. The MCU owes everything to one simple image: the Iron Man suit. If the same caliber is brought to Spawn, we might be in store for something with far-reaching consequences.

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