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Jamie Lee Curtis completes shooting on Halloween, celebrates via Instagram

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Feb 17, 2018, 12:25 PM EST (Updated)

Jamie Lee Curtis has another Halloween movie in the can. Curtis, whose career was launched by the original John Carpenter classic and who has since appeared in three other Halloween films (Halloween IIH20: 20 Years Later, and Halloween: Resurrection), just completed work on the franchise's latest installment—so far simply titled Halloween.

To celebrate, she took to Instagram Thursday to thank the film's cast, crew, and the city of Charleston, South Carolina, where Halloween was shot this time around.

This Halloween installment—directed by David Gordon Green and co-written by Green and Danny McBride—completely rewrites the franchise canon, ignoring everything except the original film (even, apparently, Halloween II, which takes place on the same night). Four decades after the Night He Came Home, Laurie Strode is just living her life as a mother and a grandmother, until the specter of Michael Myers (played by the original Shape Nick Castle) looms again, forcing Laurie to confront her past and protect her family.

Speaking of family, Curtis also posted a photo featuring "three generations of strong, striped, Strode women," including her onscreen daughter (Judy Greer) and granddaughter (Andi Matichak). 

Curtis' posts celebrating the completion of filming come less than three weeks after she posted a photo in celebration of her first shooting day on the new Halloween, leading to speculation that Laurie isn't actually in the new film all that much. While it's impossible to tell right now, odds are it's far too early to worry about that.

After all, the original Halloween was shot in just three weeks, and Green has a background in independent film. If there's one thing both he and Curtis know, it's how to get a lot of material in a short period of time. At any rate, we'll know more about Laurie's role in the film in the coming months. Right now, Curtis just seems happy that she took on Laurie Strode again.

Halloween hits theaters October 19.

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