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Jamie Lee Curtis said yes to Halloween reboot thanks to... Jake Gyllenhaal?

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Jun 12, 2018, 5:03 PM EDT

It’s hard to imagine that Jamie Lee Curtis would have turned down the chance to return with a clean slate to reboot the Halloween franchise that has made Laurie Strode a household name for the past four decades. But the little push that put her in touch with reboot director David Gordon Green to get things rolling came from... Donnie Darko himself?

In a feature on Curtis’ upcoming return to Haddonfield, Variety discovered that it was none other than Jake Gyllenhaal who reached out to Curtis, encouraging her to listen to Green’s ideas for paying the right kind of tribute to John Carpenter’s iconically terrifying world.

While Curtis was on vacation with her husband, Variety reports, Gyllenhaal “tracked her down” to put in a good word for Green. The Donnie Darko star, a close family friend to Curtis and husband Christopher Guest, “urged Curtis to take Green’s call,” having loved his experience with Green when the two collaborated on last year’s Stronger.

Curtis said she values Green’s relaxed directorial style and trusted Gyllenhaal, an actor who kept things at a memorably low boil while waiting for time to correct its course in Donnie Darko, to recognize and appreciate that same quality in Green. “They’re both laid back and don’t take themselves too seriously,” Curtis said.

Curtis wrapped shooting on Halloween back in February, and has been among the new movie’s most vocal and excited fans. With Carpenter himself staying close to Green on the project as an executive producer and composer, the reboot is being pitched as a direct sequel to the first movie, casting aside the lore of all the sequels we've gotten since. In the reboot, Curtis’ Strode is now a mom and a grandmother in Haddonfield, when Michael Myers (played by original Halloween villain Nick Castle) reappears, dragging her toward a reckoning with terror — and the past. 

We haven't seen Curtis in the role that first made her famous since 2002's Halloween: Resurrection. That all changes when Green's Halloween tears into theaters, beginning Oct. 19. 

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