Jane 'Diana' Badler talks about her role in the new V

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

A few weeks back we told you that the extraordinary Jane Badler was joining ABC's V remake in the role from the original V that made her famous the world over, as the evil, guinea-pig-eating reptilian alien "Diana." However, her new Diana is a bit different from the original one, and Badler talked about what it took to get the role and how it will be different this time around.

Badler told TV Guide that she actually had to fight to get the role of this new Diana:

"From the moment I heard V was coming back, it was something I was hoping to be part of, but they tested a lot of people for this role. A lot of years have passed, so it feels good to win something."

This new Diana is a different take on the character she played from 1982-1985. This time she plays mother to Morena Baccarin's Anna, who will have her mother imprisoned in a secret part of the ship, in a cell made to resemble the home planet:

"I'm the queen in exile, locked away in a dungeon for 15 years," quips Jane. "It's mother abuse!"

However, she also reveals that it was a bit difficult not to revert back to the performance she gave in the 1980s, which was a bit more camp and over-the-top (but lots of fun): "I'm still the way I've always been -- lots of hair and eyes. A bit Raquel Welch-ish."

Hey, there's nothing wrong with that, Jane.