Jane Fonda wants to return for a 'feminist' Barbarella sequel

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:51 PM EST

Legendary actress Jane Fonda wants to return to one of her early signature roles in a sequel to Barbarella—and she says she has some ideas about how to make it work.

The 73-year-old Fonda, who has two Academy Awards and a boatload of exercise videos under her belt, told Hero Complex, "I have a dream—to do a sequel to Barbarella. Not a remake, a sequel! Look, I get shtupped by a blind angel, OK? Let's just take it from there."

As a matter of fact, she's right. In the 1968 cult classic—based on a series of French sci-fi comic books—Barbarella does do the nasty with a winged alien hunk who looks a lot like an angel. She also gets it on with a number of other extraterrestrial males and even defeats a machine that is programmed to make her orgasm until she dies (the device can't handle her).

Fonda didn't elaborate on where she would take Barbarella's story, but she insists she's serious about doing the movie, saying, "I think it could be funny—and feminist."

We wish her luck: Previous attempts to relaunch Barbarella as a modern sci-fi heroine—including a recent reboot pitch by director Robert Rodriguez that was going to star his squeeze Rose McGowan—have failed to find traction.

Do you think Fonda should return to the role? And could she still be sexy in it?