January 13 in Twilight Zone History: Celebrating the birth of actor Jeff Morrow ('Elegy')

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Jan 14, 2018, 4:44 PM EST (Updated)

Today, January 13, This Day in Twilight Zone History and The Twilight Zone Encyclopedia celebrate the birth of actor Jeff Morrow, born on this day in 1907.

The always-commanding Morrow played space traveler Kurt Meyers in "Elegy," who travels to a strange Earth-like planet with fellow spacemen Peter Kirby (Don Dubbins) and Captain James Webber (Kevin Hagen). On the surface, they discover a series of familiar human settings – except for the fact that everyone seems to be frozen in place. The only living person is the mysterious Jeremy Wickwire (Cecil Kellaway), a caretaker of sorts – but what he's taking care of is a closely guarded secret.


Charismatic Jeff Morrow was always comfortable in commanding roles. 

Genre fans will always remember Morrow (1907-1993) as Exeter, the silver-haired alien with the very high forehead in Universal's classic science fiction film This Island Earth (1955).


Jeff Morrow's Exeter in This Island Earth was a career highlight.

But I still remember Morrow in one of my favorite films, first broadcast on NBC's Saturday Night at the Movies: The Robe. He plays a gritty centurion named Paulus who battles Richard Burton's Marcellus in one of the classic sword fights of all time (the film was Morrow's feature debut).


Jeff Morrow's brutal swordfight with Richard Burton in The Robe (1953) was one of the most realistic examples of ancient sword fighting ever filmed. 

So let’s toast a terrific actor who always brought his A-game to his work and forged an indelible impression on another strange planet in the constellation we call The Twilight Zone. And don't forget to check out The Lost Files at The Twilight Zone Encyclopedia Facebook page.