Japan get to see Iron Man 3 with tilting seats and ... odor effects?

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Apr 17, 2013, 9:53 AM EDT (Updated)

Forget 3D -- 4DX is where it's at!

In the realm of movie gimmicks, there are many ways you can to try to put butts in seats. Lately, 3D has been the most successful. Heck, we've got 3D movies, 3D TV shows, even 3D handheld gaming systems. But why stop there? Japan sure didn't, and some lucky(?) few will get to see experience Iron Man 3 in a whole new way.

What does 4DX boil down to? Think less moviegoing experience and more roller-coaster ride. We're talking blowing wind, odor effects, tilting seats, fog, bubbles falling from the sky, and even strobe lights. That's a lot of sandwich, Dagwood.

But people seem to want it. Avatar was the first film to try this in Seoul. Clearly it was a success, or what we're sure is a costly venture would have stopped right then and there. Instead, people will likely flood the theater in Nagoya where this version of Iron Man will be available.

Think it sounds nuts? Well, it looks like you'll get a chance to find out if it's worth your hard-earned money sooner rather than later. The company responsible for 4DX, CJ Group, is in talks to start bringing the technology to some 200 American theaters beginning this year.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)