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Japan has just leveled up SEGA's logo to edible status

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Aug 3, 2018

If you’ve ever so much as been to an arcade, you know SEGA’s iconic logo from the Sonic the Hedgehog or Yakuza game consoles you burned your last quarters on (if you don’t already have downloadable versions of those games at home).

That logo has become so ubiquitous in the gaming world that you can now eat it, in the form of SEGA-shaped taiyaki... 

In a collaboration with taiyaki maker Kurikoan, SEGA operates a taiyaki stand in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro district, which sells the popular Japanese snack that is basically fish-shaped cake filled with red bean paste or custard cream (chocolate and caramel variations have also been surfacing). Except SEGA doesn’t do fish.

“SEGA no taiyaki” (SEGA’s Taiyaki) used to sell fish-shaped taiyaki just like the other 9,084,039,607 taiyaki stands in Japan, with the only difference being the branded wrapping and rumored chocolate mint filling. That is until the company started using its own character molds. Gamers could smell the tangerine-flavored Aquors from the anime Love Live! Sunshine!!, Magikarp from Pokemon, and other limited-edition creations from all over Japan.

Turning your logo into a dessert is more involved than it might seem when you’re sinking your teeth into it. SEGA has tweeted that it took half a year of design and development to accurately produce a SEGA mold that was an exact replica of the four letters familiar to ‘90s kids everywhere.

Don’t take a bite before turning the edible logo over, because on the back is SEGA’s motto: “Creation is life.”

Stuffed with two types of red bean paste and premium vanilla bean cream, the SEGA logo taiyaki will be available as a limited release starting Aug. 8.

This isn't the first SEGA collab to blow your mind this summer. The video game giant has joined forces with toy company Kotobukiya to create what is officially the most massive plastic mecha model that ever stomped the earth. What could possibly be next?

(via Kotaku)

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