Japanese moviegoers can see The Last Jedi in 4DX with either Light or Dark Side special effects

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Dec 17, 2018, 6:00 PM EST (Updated)

Movie tech company 4DX and Disney Japan have teamed up to give Japanese viewers of Star Wars: The Last Jedi an immersive movie experience, with an added twist.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, South Korea-based 4DX is using its cinematic-experience technology to allow viewers to choose if they want to watch the film on the Light Side or the Dark Side of The Force.

4DX is a more intense way of watching movies, in that it provides various special effects to add to your experience at key moments in the film. The company's technology allows for theater seats to move, fog and rain effects, and added light and sound effects to be programmed in. In the case of The Last Jedi, the theater is essentially divided in half. If you sit on The Light Side, the effects you experience will be different than those who sit on The Dark Side. Each side will experience variations in sound, light, and other effects during lightsaber battles and other important moments. First Order scenes will play quite differently for Dark Side viewers than they do for Light Side viewers, for example.

Unfortunately, this service is only available in Japan, so unless you're living there you'll have to get on a plane to experience it. The Last Jedi has already raked in more than $50 million in the country as part of its massive box office take, and this attraction — with a ticket price starting at $25 — will likely only add to that.

What do you think? Would you watch a movie in 4DX, and if you would, which side would you choose?