Japan's high-speed mag-lev train sets new world speed record

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Apr 22, 2015

While most of us are cruising to work in our SUVs or rolling along Amtrak rails at a modest 55 mph, railway wizards in Japan are setting astonishing speed records with their futuristic new magnetic-levitation train outside Tokyo.  In a scene straight out of the latest Tomorrowland trailer, check out this record-busting run for Central Japan Railway's technological marvel as it streaks along a test track beside the venerable Mt. Fuji, pinning the speedometer at a blistering 603km/h or 375 mph!  This speedy achievement was attained only days after smashing a previous record of 581km/h that stood for 12 years. 

The LO Series mag-lev bullet train silently hovers 10cm above the track, propelled by a network of electrically charged magnets.  Plans call for construction of a $100 billion passenger route to be built between Tokyo and Nagoya and put into operation by 2027, with a second route connecting Tokyo and Osaka by 2045, slicing travel time by more than half when compared to current bullet trains.  Per government and railway officials, funding for these magnificent machines hopes to be partially covered by marketing the state-of-the-art tech overseas, perhaps even to the United States. 

Watch the rocketing seven-car test train carry 49 Central Japan Railway employees on its historic run Tuesday, gliding down the 1.8 km straightaway in just under 11 seconds.   Is that fast enough for your morning commute?

Do you see a mag-lev bullet train in America's transportation future, or is it just wishful thinking?

(Via The Guardian)

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