Jar Jar strikes back? Rian Johnson on bringing old characters back for new Star Wars trilogy

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Dec 7, 2017

From the moment Lucasfilm announced that The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson would be creating a whole new Star Wars trilogy, fans began to speculate what it might be about — and who might be in it. Would it focus on one of the Legends characters? Perhaps dive into the Knights Of The Old Republic? Name your theory, there's a fan out there who thinks they know what it should be about.

This past weekend, Johnson, along with a good chunk of The Last Jedi cast, sat down with reporters to talk about the film, and chatter inevitably veered toward the new trilogy.

Speaking with Yahoo!, Johnson touched on the possibility of bringing back old characters, saying things were "totally wide open."

"I’m just starting to think about it and get into it, so who knows? I wanna keep it just totally wide open in terms of possibilities," the filmmaker said. "That’s what’s so exciting about it right now, is just the notion of one story, three movies, the sky’s the limit. We can really do anything… The possibilities are thrilling."

Could one of those characters be the ever-infamous Jar Jar Binks?

John Boyega, who plays Stormtrooper-turned-resistance fighter Finn, offered a resolute no, shaking his head.

Johnson, however, had a different take.

"I would be down with bringing old Jar Jar back, we’ll see," he said, before making a few cracks about how he might tackle the oft-maligned Gungan.

Jokes aside, what we do know is that Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy has pretty much given Johnson a blank slate and carte blanche to create a new Star Wars story. New characters, new locations, a whole new side of the Star Wars universe we haven't seen before.

That means you may need to wait for that Jar Jar Binks trilogy.

Weesa sorry.

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