Jared Leto offered Valiant's Bloodshot role by Sony Pictures

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Jul 25, 2017

The immortal nanobye-fueled supersoldier Bloodshot will be played by Jared Leto on the big screen, if Sony Pictures has its way. It's offered the actor the title lead role in Bloodshot, which will help kick off a Valiant Cinematic Universe.

No deal is in place, nor have negotiations officially begun, according to a report by THR. Interestingly, Leto did not appear on a reported shortlist of actors that hit the internet in May, with actors like Jake Gyllenhaal and Oscar Isaac in the mix. Leto, of course, recently played The Joker in Suicide Squad (a role he's rumored to return to for as many as three more films) and continues his genre run with Blade Runner 2049 this year.


The same role of Bloodshot is being played by actor Jason David Frank in the upcoming digital series Ninjak vs. the Valiant Universe, and the two actors pretty much couldn't be more different from one another. Frank is an accomplished martial artist with the build one might expect from a supersoldier, while Leto's wiry frame and generally off-putting demeanor in his roles of late casts a completely different picture.

The question then is: Which Bloodshot Leto is in the running to play? The classic original character of the early '90s was mob enforcer Angelo Mortalli recruited into Project Rising Spirit to become the ultimate killer against his will -- definitely more suited to Leto's style. The modern version, Ray Garrison, is a man with a troubled past, a lost family, who is searching for his own identity.

Regardless of which version they go with, Bloodshot's star will have to sign on for multiple pictures. The plan is to release two Bloodshot solo films alternating with two Harbinger films, culminating in a fifth crossover movie called Harbinger Wars, adapting the comic book storyline that pits Bloodshot against a group of Psiots, the Valiant version of more naturally super-powered humans.

No release date for Bloodshot or the other films has been officially announced.

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