Jared Leto dramatically shaves in preparation to play Morbius (probably)

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Nov 16, 2018, 4:17 PM EST (Updated)

Earlier this summer, Jared Leto confirmed his involvement in director Daniel Espinosa's upcoming live-action movie based on Spider-Man villain Morbius with an Instagram post indicating he'd be playing The Living Vampire.

Now Leto has taken to Twitter to tease his upcoming performance with a 28-second video — complete with an orchestral score — where he dramatically shaves. There's only a brief mention of the movie at the very end, but he did caption the tweet "and so it begins" with a #Morbius hashtag, seemingly implying that he's shaving to get ready for production.

While scarce on any actual Morbius content, this is the first real indicator that the film will be moving forward since Leto's casting was announced.

As Leto slowly chips away at his beard with electric clippers before lathering up for one clean shave, we don't see whether he kept the soul-patch-by-way-of-goatee facial hair that Morbius is known to sport. Obviously, this could be added through the wonders of movie magic, but Leto has proven to be the kind of performer who goes all in on his roles — just ask his Suicide Squad castmates.

In addition to Morbius, Sony is in various stages of planning films for other Spidey frenemies, including Kraven the Hunter, Silk, and Silver and Black, focusing on Silver Sable and Black Cat. Given the blockbuster success of last month's Venom, it seems that Sony is ready to push forward with more villain-centric outings.

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