Jason Aaron's Jedi mind tricks writing Star Wars, Southern Bastards, and The Goddamned

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Sep 1, 2016

Jason Aaron is one of the best and busiest writers in the comics industry, and he's had a year to remember. He got one of the coolest gigs in the universe, opening up the modern Star Wars canon in Marvel’s monthly Star Wars title and building up the hype for The Force Awakens. He turned heads by making Jane Foster into the Mighty Thor and is tasked to push Doctor Strange further into the spotlight before his feature film debuts drops later this year. 

If that weren't enough, Aaron is hot on the creator-owned front too. There’s his must-read crime story set in the world of high school football and barbecue in Southern Bastards (Image) with Jason Latour that is setting audiences on fire so hot that only a pitcher of sweet tea can extinguish it. Then Aaron finally reunited with co-creator and artist R.M. Guera to tackle the savagery and rawness of pre-Genesis era biblical stories in The Goddamned (Image). It has it all, including scientific and post-apocalyptic elements, it bears noirish-western scenery with bleak and absolutely unforgiving circumstances, and it’s such an unexpected follow-up from the gentlemen who bought us Scalped (Vertigo).

Yes, this was all juggled in the last year and Aaron came by the Blastr booth to talk to me about writing the ongoing Star Wars series, especially creating new iconic images with the Vader Down story, his creator-owned work and writing two female lead characters simultaneously. This was just hours before Aaron headed to Eisner Awards and took home prestigious hardware for Best Writer and Best Series (with Latour) for Southern Bastards.

Check out our interview and let us know what your favorite Jason Aaron book is and why.

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