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Jason and Freddy team up again... in animated Funko form... for an animated talk show?

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Oct 30, 2018, 7:56 PM EDT (Updated)

Horror mainstays Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger have crossed paths before, but never in such a bizarre fashion as they have today. Animated versions of the crazed killers (modeled on their Funko Pop figures) are now appearing in the new episode of The Freddy Funko Show

Just because it's only the second episode for the new YouTube series from Funko Animation doesn't mean that they can't indulge in a special Halloween episode. Plenty of shows do that, and this one is uniquely suited for it. For one thing, the characters are animated, and they look like Funko Pops. For another... well, there is no other. That's about it. 

Take a look as Funko Freddy tries to run his talk show with these two crazed killers: 

We have questions. While Jason and Freddy K appear in Funko form, Host Freddy does not. Is he the only (animated) human in a world populated by Funko figures, or does his talk show exist solely to interview the animated toys? What are the rules?

Do not let the adorableness of these Funko creations fool you: Jason and Freddy are still absolutely lethal. Jason may look cute, but he's also carrying a cute little machete. Freddy still wears his claws, and he can still invade your dreams. All of that said, if one of these guys is going to come after you, perhaps you'd have a better shot against their Funko forms. Now that we think about it, though, the Funko look almost makes them look even more terrifying... especially if they were life sized. 

Will Funko Freddy have further celebrations for Guy Fawkes Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and so on? The possibilities are as endless as the amount of figures in the Funko line. Maybe next year Funko Freddy will interview Funko versions of Suspiria's Tilda Swinton (which we would definitely purchase and preserve for all time) and the entire Funko cast of Hereditary