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Jason Blum teases 'horror-adjacent' take on Fantasy Island, Upgrade sequel, Happy Death Day 2

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Aug 17, 2018, 12:53 PM EDT

When Blumhouse head honcho Jason Blum talks shop, he doesn’t hold back. The producer who’s helped reshape modern horror has a lot on his hands — after taking on films like Unfriended: Dark Web, Truth or Dare, The First Purge, and the upcoming Halloween this year alone. And that’s only a fraction of his projects.

So when Blum had a few rare minutes of downtime and decided to answer questions on Twitter, he gave fans a lot to look forward to and even more to mull over. Things like upcoming sequels and when they’ll arrive, the genres of upcoming films, and what kind of franchises Blum has sought out or turned down.

The first category deals with The Gallows: Act II, which follows up the much-despised but surprisingly profitable 2015 film, and Happy Death Day 2, the sequel to last year’s surprise Groundhog Day-esque slasher hit.

Check it out:

So the second entry into the Gallows-verse is coming in the next nine months and Happy Death Day’s sequel has already got (at least) a rough cut done! You know the folks at Blumhouse work fast and cheap, but wow. And — despite all the odds, Blum is planning an Upgrade sequel — something that nobody (not even director Leigh Whannell) thought would happen.

One of the newer projects coming from the company also got comments:

So the Fantasy Island adaptation is going to be “horror adjacent,” huh? That makes at least a little bit of sense, looking at the supernatural content of the show’s weirder episodes. And that also bodes well for the sci-fi projects coming down the pike from the company too — more genre is always good.

Finally, Blum spoke on some of the many, many projects that his company has considered, passed on, or been rejected from. There’re some really interesting names here, from The Blob to Slender Man. Keep these in mind when you think of the stuff that did make the Blumhouse cut:

Yeah, Blum has plans for the future of seemingly every franchise — and this glimpse behind the curtain of the film industry only makes that all the more clear. His studio has pioneered a fresh, modern model of lower-budget flicks that can more easily turn a profit, while keeping the quality (mostly) high. Judging by his Q&A here, he has no plans of slowing down anytime soon.