Jason Mewes crashed our SDCC Diamond Select Toys interview!

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Jul 23, 2017, 1:50 AM EDT

You never know who you’re going to run into at San Diego Comic-Con. An old friend. A new friend. The head of Troma films. Or in this case, Jason Mewes, aka the louder half of Jay and Silent Bob.

As you can see below, in one of the more surreal moments of our time at SDCC, our video interview with Zack Oat, marketing director of Diamond Select Toys, was thoroughly crashed by Mewes.

Actor Mewes co-starred in the 1994 movie Clerks with co-star, director, and friend Kevin Smith. He gained his fame by basically playing a version of himself: a happy-go-lucky stoner. (Now, thanks to intervention and rehab, he's just happy-go-lucky.)

He’s also quite geeky. He wasn’t just on hand to appear at SDCC as an actor. He was there as a fan. You can tell, too, because he was at Diamond to snag some exclusive merch.

Check out the videos below -- first of the Mewes crashing, and then of the complete interview. And let us know in the comments how awesome it is to see Mewes in his natural habitat.