Jason Momoa blames the script for his huge Conan box-office flop

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Jun 26, 2015, 2:23 PM EDT (Updated)

If you ask Conan fans why the 2011 relaunch film flopped, they'll probably have quite a lot to say. In fact, some say that the actor playing Conan, former Stargate Atlantis star Jason Momoa, is to blame. But Momoa sees things differently and has a gripe of his own—the writing.

Momoa, apparently, came into the film as a huge fan of the comics. In fact, he takes great pains to specify how strongly he feels about the source material and the direction. The writing, however... well, we'll let him speak for himself:

"I was a comic book fan and a huge admirer of Frank Frazetta and when he died during our filming, it was so sad because I wanted him to see it and say 'Wow, that's my Conan!' Just looking at his paintings, I wanted to put that up on the screen. I absolutely remember seeing that one where Conan's standing on a pile of skulls and it's seared into your memory and a I felt like Marcus Nispel is a pretty visually amazing director. There's just a lot of things that came into it and sometimes the script just wasn't there. I just wanted take a stab at doing Conan and it's out of your control, you can only do so much I feel like I bled over, and over and over to do the best I could. I feel like we represented him very well. The movie sometimes, it fell short you can only show up as an actor and be the best you can be."

So there you have it. The script and "a lot of things" (read: studio involvement) were the issue. What do you think, was the script to blame for Conan's failure? Can the upcoming return of Arnold Schwarzenegger right the ship?

(via the Philippine Star)

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