How can Terra Nova be fixed? Let's see what Jason O'Mara thinks

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 16, 2012

As the cast and crew of Fox's dino-adventure hour wait to see if they'll get a crack at a second season, the show's star is sensitive to the issues people (and even the network) have with Terra Nova. And he thinks he knows what needs to be done.

The jury's still out on whether the expensive Terra Nova will return to Fox's lineup this coming fall—and time is running out for the decision makers—but O'Mara knows a couple of places the show needs to improve:

"When we use dinosaurs, I really hope they're completely kick-ass dinosaurs—no half-hearted dinosaurs. ... Maybe it's better to have a totally awesome dinosaur in [just] one episode, rather than seeing a dinosaur every episode that isn't quite there."

Aside from utilizing the "awesome" 2149 time period more in the storytelling, O'Mara wants Terra Nova's writers to devise "a really bad, bad, bad guy. ... We need to find out who the baddest dude is and bring him into our story."

First, let's see if the show gets picked up. Second, let's see if anyone listens.

(via TV Line)