Javier Bardem is THIS CLOSE to chasing Stephen King's Dark Tower

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:51 PM EST

After months of speculation, the Oscar-winning actor is this close to signing on the dotted line for Ron Howard's groundbreaking adaptation of Stephen King's towering western-fantasy opus.

Bardem was offered the role of Roland Deschain, King's legendary Gunslinger, back in January, and it's taken this long to hammer out the details of the unprecedented deal—one that would see Bardem starring in three feature films and one of two seasons of TV that would fill the gap between movie releases.

As Howard has said, in describing the project that he sees as his Lord of the Rings:

"With this story, if you dedicated to one medium or another, there's the horrible risk of cheating material. The scope and scale call for a big-screen budget. But if you committed only to films, you'd deny the audience the intimacy and nuance of some of these characters and a lot of cool twists and turns that make for jaw-dropping, compelling television."

Howard feels confident enough that Bardem will be his Gunslinger that he's started to cast other roles around the Spanish star in anticipation of a September start of production.

So, get used to that chiseled mug—soon there's gonna be nowhere you can turn to escape it.

(via Deadline)