Jay Garrick has officially been cast in Season 2 of The CW’s Flash

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Jul 15, 2015, 12:19 PM EDT (Updated)

It seems that little helmet easter egg in the season finale was a whole lot more than just a Golden Age nod. Flash fans, say hello to Jay Garrick.

Actor Teddy Sears (Masters of Sex) has officially been cast as Jay Garrick in Season 2 of The Flash. The producers behind The CW’s hit superhero series confirmed the news Saturday night at San Diego Comic-Con. Jay Garrick is, of course, the original Flash in DC Comics lore — and remains a fan-favorite Golden Age hero to this day.

According to Deadline, the Garrick we’ll meet in The Flash is an “enigmatic individual” who shows up in Central City to warn Barry Allen and Team Flash about a “looming danger” too big for him to stop alone. If we had to guess, we’d say he’s probably referring to either the Reverse-Flash, Vandal Savage or (most likely) Zoom, who is now confirmed to show up in Season 2 and could be the Big Bad.

Also confirmed: In addition to Sears’ version of Garrick, we’ll also be meeting DC alum Patty Spivot, who will be played by Shantel VanSanten (The Messengers). Patty is a cop and meta-human enthusiast who will also serve as a new love interest for Barry. After the events of the season finale, she’ll be Detective Joe West’s new partner. Oh, and one more thing — we’ll also be meeting Wally West this year, though sadly, we don’t have many details about how that will manifest.

Other tidbits of note: Season 2 will pick up a few months after the season finale and deal with the aftermath of the cataclysmic cliffhanger. Producer Greg Berlanti also confirmed we’ll be seeing even more characters from Earth-2 (so Jay Garrick is just the beginning) this season. 

The network also debuted a sizzle reel at SDCC, which mostly just recapped the first season — though it ended with some tantalizing teases for Season 2. We get to hear (not see) Jay Garrick, and it teases Zoom's arrival.

If you're unfamiliar with Sears' resume, check out a shot of him below:

What do you think of the direction they’re taking the series? Do you like the Garrick casting?

(Via Deadline)

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