In Jean-Claude Van Johnson clip, Jean-Claude Van Damme plays a parody of himself

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Aug 19, 2016, 4:08 PM EDT

Jean-Claude Van Damme is a martial artist and action star of such awesome feet-of-fury films as Bloodsport, Kickboxer, Universal Soldier and Timecop. So, what do you do when, at age 55, working brutal 14-hour days on set no longer cuts it for you? You go funny. 

In the upcoming Amazon Prime TV series Jean-Claude Van Johnson, Van Damme will be playing a former action star with a double life as a secret agent. We have a clip of it for you, below. But instead of an action star in his prime, Van Johnson is an older, probably crankier version of himself.

I say “probably” for a reason. The clip is silent, save for a French song that plays over the action. But I can surmise he’s cranky because there are no signs of any other human in his life. 

Even his family photos are of dogs. 

If this scene is a look at things to come, we’re looking at a sly, subtly funny series that will make you wince as much as it makes you laugh. I’ll be watching the pilot, which is currently available for free, here, as soon as I’m able.


(Via Vulture.)