Jeff Goldblum gets revenge on a T-rex in Super Bowl Jeep ad

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Feb 4, 2018, 9:24 PM EST

It took nearly 30 years, but Jeff Goldblum finally got his revenge on the Tyrannosaurus rex that chased him in the first Jurassic Park in 1993. In an ingenious and nostalgic Super Bowl commercial from Jeep, we see Goldblum as Doctor Ian Malcolm during his famous "Must go faster!" scene. The spot transitions to the modern day "Blum" who is racing a T-rex yet again, but this time, it's the actor behind the wheel of a modern day jap and he's got some pretty sick evasive moves.

Then it's revealed that the actor is just sitting in the motionless vehicle on a showroom floor at a car dealership. When the sales associate asks if he wants to take it for a test drive, Goldblum answers "I just did." The slogan pops up as "Evolution in its purest form." Marketing, uh, finds a way. 

You can trigger your nostalgia gland by watching the spot below. 

For a car commercial, the dino effects are surprisingly good. After all, when it comes to an commercial based around a film noted for its groundbreaking visual effects, you can't skimp. This is also a great piece of promotion for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, which will bring Goldblum back after all these years. The sequel to Jurassic World also aired a new and surprisingly unsettling trailer during the game as well. 

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