Jeff Goldblum's meme-spawning helicopter laugh in Jurassic Park is his career favorite line

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Jun 5, 2018, 4:50 PM EDT

When you get the chance to ask Jeff Goldblum anything, the degree of candor you can expect from the master of deadpan is likely to remain pleasantly mysterious. But we’re taking it in good faith that Goldblum was being truthful recently, when he informed Reddit that the highlight of his entire dialogue-speaking career isn’t a line of dialogue at all — it’s a laugh.

Yes, Dr. Ian Malcolm’s mesmerizingly syncopated laugh on board the helicopter in the original Jurassic Park, a moment that spawned a thousand memes, just so happens to be Goldblum’s all-time favorite on-screen utterance. Thanks to an inquisitive Reddit user signed on for the site’s Jeff Goldblum Ask Me Anything Q&A, we now know (or think we know) that Malcolm’s laugh — a mixture of incredulity, sarcasm, relief, and genuine amusement — sits atop his own personal inventory of treasured career one-liners.

Leaving Goldblum little wiggle room with a super-straightforward question, Reddit user BatmanofSteel simply asked, “What’s is your favorite line that you have ever uttered from one of your movies?”

“It's tough to choose but off the top of my head — I think it's my laugh in the helicopter scene in Jurassic Park,” Goldblum responded — wiggling just a little, let’s note, since a laugh isn’t technically a line of dialogue.

Nevertheless, Malcolm’s cackle is a great moment, having found a place of prominence alongside all the other eminently meme-able Jurassic Park tropes the internet has gifted us during the 25 years since the original film’s release.  

Goldblum, who’s set to appear alongside Jodie Foster in Hotel Artemis as crime boss Niagara (The Wolf King), also revealed that he relished playing the part — but he remained as elusive as ever about whether his character is secretly a good guy.

“I have a few scenes that I found entirely nutritious and there are a few bad types in the movie,” he responded to a fan question. “I would say I'm complicated, some light and some dark — my favorite combination.”

You can catch Goldblum in Hotel Artemis beginning June 8, and then circle back for a second helping on June 22, when Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom — with Ian Malcolm in tow — rips into theaters everywhere.