Here’s how the world got Jeff Goldblum’s shirtless glory in Jurassic Park

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Mar 14, 2018, 5:43 PM EDT

Everyone pretty much agrees that chaos theoreticians are absolute heartthrobs, but not many of us really understand why. Well, after hearing Jeff Goldblum’s account of how he ended up pulling off the one-two punch of being both wounded and sexy in the original Jurassic Park, we may be no closer to answering why — but at least we finally know how.

Actually, because it’s Jeff Goldblum, we aren’t sure even that much is crystal clear — but his version of how he ended up shirtless in one of the 1993 film’s most-meme-worthy scenes is probably way, way better than the boring truth. 

Chatting with Yahoo! Entertainment, Goldblum said it makes perfect sense that his character Ian Malcolm, reclining on a table with a T-rex-inflicted leg injury, would be bare-chested as dinosaur disaster swirled all around. He also suggested that showing some skin for the scene was totally his idea.

“It’s supposed to be Costa Rica, right? So things are hot and I’m sure I’m in some sort of fever,” he said. “So all the logic is that we gotta get some of these wet clothes off immediately. As I remember, I don’t think anybody fought me on that.”

Even though it hit movie screens a quarter century ago, Goldblum’s languid, open-shirted pose has since gone on to become the stuff of internet legend. It’s spawned a meme in which paleontologist Alan Grant (Sam Neill) breathes as one with the professor as he lays his head atop Malcolm’s giant bosom; it’s been turned into an oil painting, and now it’s even got its own commemorative Funko toy.

There’s no word yet on whether the 65-year-old actor, who’s set to reprise the role of Ian Malcolm for the forthcoming Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, has plans to get all hurt and sexy when the film releases this summer. But hey — with Jeff Goldblum, anything’s possible, and the crazier it is, the more likely we are to see it.

Catch Goldblum on Isla Nublar when Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom hits theaters on June 22.