Jeff Medkeff (Blue Collar Scientist) has died

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Aug 4, 2008

I am terribly, terribly saddened to say that my friend and fellow skeptic, Jeff Medkeff, aka Blue Collar Scientist, succumbed to cancer on Sunday.


Jeff was an astronomer, specifically an asteroid hunter. He found dozens of big rocks out there, and just recently named four of them after PZ Myers, Rebecca Watson, Mike Stackpole, and me. He fell ill earlier this year, and we knew it wasn't good. The odds of survival were pretty low, but we hoped anyway -- sometimes that's all you can do. He was planning on going to Dragon*Con later this month, too.

Jeff was a skeptic. He was a nice guy, a cool guy, but he didn't suffer fools gladly. We can all aspire to such.

My heart goes out to his wife, his family, and to everyone who knew him, and to those who didn't and now won't get the chance. We are all weakened when one of us falls, but we must all strive on and continue. That's the best tribute we can give.

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