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Jennifer Lawrence’s Red Sparrow looks like the Black Widow movie we always wanted

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Sep 14, 2017, 10:49 AM EDT

If you’re a big fan of Marvel Comics, Jennifer Lawrence’s next film might look familiar — and no — it has nothing to do with her X-Men gig as Mystique. It's taking a nod from a different Marvel hero.

Lawrence is starring in the sexy spy thriller Red Sparrow, about a young Russian spy brought up in a super-secret program designed to turn young women into deadly weapons called Widows Sparrows. Umm, does that sound a bit familiar, Black Widow fans? Obviously, Black Widow’s origin story of growing up in the Red Room and serving as a femme fatale didn’t invent all of these plot points, but Red Sparrow certainly checks off a lot of them.

It also looks really good doing it, and with Marvel Studios content to leave a solo Black Widow film on the shelf, it might be the closest we get for a while. This also looks to be a darker, sexier and bloodier affair than anything you’ll find in the MCU — which again — is pretty much the only way to really do a Black Widow-style movie up right, right? 

Along with Lawrence, Red Sparrow stars Jeremy Irons, Joel Edgerton, Charlotte Rampling and Mary-Louise Parker. It’s directed by Hunger Games’ Francis Lawrence, in case you needed another genre connection there. Of course, J-Law has already proven her butt-kicking chops thanks to The Hunger Games and X-Men, so she should be right at home here.

Check out the first trailer for Red Sparrow below and let us know what you think:


Here’s the film’s official synopsis:

When she suffers a career-ending injury, Dominika and her mother are facing a bleak and uncertain future. That is why she finds herself manipulated into becoming the newest recruit for Sparrow School, a secret intelligence service that trains exceptional young people like her to use their bodies and minds as weapons. After enduring the perverse and sadistic training process, she emerges as the most dangerous Sparrow the program has ever produced. Dominika must now reconcile the person she was with the power she now commands, with her own life and everyone she cares about at risk, including an American CIA agent who tries to convince her he is the only person she can trust.

Red Sparrow opens March 2, 2018.