Jennifer Love Hewitt most panned actress of past 25 years

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Dec 15, 2012

Critics sometimes slam sci-fi, fantasy and horror flicks for bringing on the low-quality schlock, and when that happens they blame writers, they blame producers and directors, but most of all, their ire is raised toward the faces seen onscreen—the actors.

And apparently there's no one more worthy of scorn in the last quarter century than Jennifer Love Hewitt.

According to an analysis done by Yahoo, if we use the data from Rotten Tomatoes, which collects reviews from all over the Internet and lets people know which films are "fresh" and which are "rotten," Hewitt has yet to have a critical success yet in her long career. Whether it's genre work, romantic comedies or CGI kids' films, she's been in one clunker after another, never breaking that coveted 60 percent fresh mark.

In fact, her rating is a mere 18.9 percent.

What makes her so completely panned? Perhaps part of it lies in the fact that she never seems to turn down the opportunity to go back to the well. She's picked up a habit for being in lukewarm-at-best sequels. Most notably, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer and Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties.

Yes, she had some success with her TV series Ghost Whisperer, which ran for five seasons, but many of us remember that the show it replaced, Joan of Arcadia, dealt with similar themes and was far superior. Even with her myriad romantic comedies of varying success, there's always that lingering question—why does this woman keep getting work? Or better yet, if she's going to keep getting work, why not pick better shows and films to be in?

Our inner snark says we'd probably be saying "Jennifer who?" right now if it weren't for her appearance, but there are plenty of pretty people out there who don't get a tenth of the work she does. What do you think? Is she as bad as the numbers make her out to be?

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