Jeri Ryan on her Warehouse 13 role: 'This one is human'

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Dec 15, 2012

Get ready for a Warehouse 13 shocker on Syfy tonight. While it's hard to imagine the kid-like Pete ever being a real grownup, we're about to find out tonight not only that he was married, but that he was married to Star Trek: Voyager's Seven of Nine.

In the episode, "Queen for a Day," the gang at the Warehouse learn a bit more about Pete's past when actress Jeri Ryan stops by for a surprising guest turn as Pete's ex-wife.

"This one is human, so she's a little closer to my own reality than other sci-fi characters that I've played in the past," said Ryan with a laugh during a conference call with journalists.

Ryan plays a Marine named Amanda, who arrives in town to get remarried, only to have her fairy tale wedding threatened by an artifact. However, it's her former relationship with Warehouse agent Pete Lattimer (played by Eddie McClintock) that's most interesting.

"She's a Marine. She is Eddie's ex-wife. She's a bit of a surprise to everyone else at the Warehouse, and she is getting remarried and things really take a bit of a turn, without giving away too much of the story ... Eddie helps me get out of a bit of a problem," said Ryan.

"She's a smart cookie, and she doesn't take crap. I like that about her. She's getting remarried, and I've been in that situation ... Yeah, there's a few parallels [to Ryan's own life]. And my dad was in the military. My dad was in the Army for 28 years, so when it comes to putting on the uniform, he's looking forward to seeing that."

As far as her work on Warehouse 13, "there were a couple really, really nice emotional scenes that Eddie and I got to play together. It was just really fun connecting with him," she said. "He's a funny, funny guy, but he's also just a really good actor."

The role brings Ryan, who's a regular on ABC's Body of Proof, back to genre work.

"You get to do a lot of stuff in that genre that you don't really get to do in typical drama or comedy. That's one of the reasons you become an actress, is to do as many different things as you can and live as many different lives as you can. It's fun to do a role where you suspend belief a bit. It's a good time. It's a great group of people. Eddie and I had a ball working together, especially," said Ryan.

Ryan isn't the only Voyager actress that's going to appear on Warehouse 13. Kate Mulgrew, who played Capt. Kathryn Janeway on the Star Trek series, will be joining the cast in a recurring role at the end of the season.

As far as whether or not Ryan might ever reprise her iconic role as the Borg Seven of Nine from Voyager, perhaps in voice-over for the Star Trek Online multiplayer game, she admits she'd consider it. "Voice-over, yes, that's a lot easier to reprise than squeezing into that corset," she said.

Warehouse 13 airs on Mondays at 9 p.m. on Syfy.

Are you ready for a little Jeri Ryan action on Warehouse 13?

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