Jericho's Ashley Scott goes 12 Rounds with us

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Ashley Scott, co-star of the current action movie 12 Rounds, told SCI FI Wire that it doesn't matter what kind of movies she makes as long as she can contribute something interesting to them. Scott also talked about the future of Jericho, the canceled post-apocalyptic CBS show in which she played Emily Sullivan opposite Skeet Ulrich's Jake Green.

"As long as I know that I went in there and did the best job I could and respected and honored the character I was gifted with, I can walk away feeling fulfilled and very happy about the experience," Scott said in an exclusive interview last week in Los Angeles. "I'm so new, still, and I'm learning something new every time I go on an audition or go do a job, whether it's [for] Spielberg or Renny [Harlin] or whoever."

In 12 Rounds, Scott plays Molly Porter, the wife of a detective (John Cena) who gets kidnapped by an ex-convict (Aidan Gillen), who blames him for the death of a loved one.

Scott said that she remembers lessons she learned when she started her career, working on television programs such as The WB's Birds of Prey. "I learned so much from Shemar Moore on Birds of Prey," she said. "He had been acting for 100 years, and he was schooled and finished, and he taught me a lot about acting in a 13-episode experience. It wasn't necessarily the best show on television; I certainly liked it, but what I walked away with from that is priceless."

The following is an edited version of our exclusive interview. 12 Rounds is now playing.

What sort of background did you create for your character in 12 Rounds?

Scott: Molly Porter? I had an entire folder, a three-ring binder. I must have had 20 pages of s--t about Molly Porter: where she came from, her background, how she was in the Air Force. I brought it to Renny and Josh and said, "Let me just read you a couple of things" and broke it all down for them. They were like, "Cool. All right. We're going to give them the job because we feel sorry for her for doing so much work." [laughs] ...

Was there something that you built her character around?

Scott: She was a medevac pilot, so that was kind of a point to grow from there. Her career is pretty spectacular, and that's amazing, but she was a medevac pilot and she had her own life, and she was strong and smart and I just kind of went from there. I think I wrote that she met John on the site of a crash, basically; she was there, obviously, picking up a patient, and he was there on the job, and I remember writing that. She was in the Air Force before that. 12 Rounds was fun for me. I love doing action; it's really my favorite thing. It's filled with action; literally, it's like nonstop, which is exciting. It kind of keeps your heart racing. I think John did a really good job—he was all for it and put his heart and soul into the performance.

Talk about the fan campaign to keep Jericho on the air.

Scott: They're been doing that since the day we aired [laughs]. I mean, our fans have been incredibly supportive— ... more so than any experience I've ever had. It was such a grassroots campaign to get the show back on the air, it was just amazing. I mean, I just thought it was so empowering for these fans, because they got us back on the air because of their hard work. It was so cool to watch them. So Jericho was a whole different experience. Just like I said, I was so proud; it was like we were fighting the man, and it's cool to be a part of that.

We've reported that there's a movie in the works.

Scott: I think [what] would be a smart choice, and I wish [executive producer] Jon Turteltaub would jump on it—and I'm sure he would because I know it would make him money—is to make a movie and give us a beginning and an end. Give the fans what they want. We had 9 million viewers every week, and that wasn't enough to put us over the top. I think if they made a movie, it would be so cool, and I think everybody would be psyched about it. But they'll probably recast me with Amber Valetta, or, I don't know—who's a blonde? If they recast me, they'd better put like Meryl Streep [laughs]. I couldn't be mad, I'd just be like, "Could I be your assistant for the year?"

What would you like for that movie to be?

Scott: I'd like to be hired for the trilogy. That would be ideal. They've already signed a comic-book deal, so there's going to be comic books. And, yeah, I'd love to see them make a movie, because I'd love to see the fans get what they want, and I think it's closure and just a little bit more fun. I think the creators are super-bright, and they write great television, and I hate to see it go to waste.