Jerry Seinfeld convinced Hugh Jackman to step down as Wolverine

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Dec 27, 2017, 10:42 PM EST

Almost two decades of playing the same character could sour anyone on their role, but for Hugh Jackman and his 17 years of Wolverine for the X-Men franchise, the impetus to leave had to come from an outside source.

Stepping down after the mutant mic drop that was this year’s Logan, Jackman retired the character in the series canon and retired from playing the whirling dervish after an unlikely conversation. Discussing the event with Willem Dafoe for Variety, Jackman remembers that comedian Jerry Seinfeld (whose long-running sitcom may have resonated with the actor) pushed him towards the final decision.

Just watch:

Asking Seinfeld about the end of the TV show, he got this reply: ”I’ve always believed, you should never spend everything creatively because it’s almost herculean to start up again. You should always have something in the tank.” Leaving that dinner, mulling over the “leave the party before it gets too late kind of theory,” Jackman made the final call that Logan would be Wolverine’s last - at least as Jackman had portrayed him.

He was “supercharged” by the idea that he’d never play the character again, if only to give him the proper send-off. As far as a few awards bodies are already concerned, Jackman gave a grand finale that truly deserved the description - and one with closure Seinfeld fans could envy.

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