Jesse Eisenberg says Lex Luthor comes with a tragic backstory

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Jan 8, 2016, 6:21 PM EST

Lex Luthor has been Superman’s antagonist since 1940, and since then he’s appeared in comic books, television and movies to perform dastardly deeds, including killing his parents for the insurance money. Throughout the years, he’s managed to make enemies of much of DC’s stable of high-performing do-gooders. But beneath his villainous exterior, says Jesse Eisenberg, lies a tragic interior.

Eisenberg, who will be portraying the mop-headed/bald-headed Luthor in the upcoming film Batman v. Superman, told the Los Angeles Times

“The character has a core of reality,” Eisenberg explained. “[Luthor] has a back story that’s tragic and an emotional inner life that’s authentic. That’s in the movie. It was my interest in playing the character with a real emotional core, and this writer, Chris Terrio’s interest in creating a character that seemed viable in reality.”

But it doesn’t mean that Eisenberg is playing him as a misunderstood antihero. The actor said, ”[Lex] is a narcissist of the first order but complicated in that way as well in that he is terribly troubled and competitive and vengeful.”

No word on whether we will see Lex at his tragic best (although fans may want to watch Smallville seasons 5-7 for Michael Rosenberg’s stellar performance). But we will be seeing how Eisenberg loses his hair. 

According to Eisenberg, that particular scene is “the greatest scene that I've ever gotten to take part in.” Ooh. I’ve got anticipation tingles.

Of course, I’ll be seeing Batman (try to) take on Supes no matter what. But now I’m actually looking forward to seeing Eisenberg deliver the goods. 

Batman v Superman will be released on March 25, 2016.

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