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Jessica Chastain previews Beverly Marsh on Instagram as IT 2 starts shooting

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Jun 28, 2018, 12:11 PM EDT

When it comes to working on IT, Jessica Chastain isn't clowning around.

As shooting on director Andy Muschietti’s sequel to 2017’s hit horror adaptation of the Stephen King classic has now gotten underway, the Oscar-nominated actress took to Instagram and offered up a preview of her role as the adult Beverly Marsh. 

And as far as we can tell by the photoshopped pic she dropped - which shows the younger Bev (Sophia Lillis) morphed with her face - Chastain's absolutely the perfect person to play King's red-headed heroine.

But that’s not the only teasing image from the set.

Costar James McAvoy couldn’t resist posting an Instagram announcing “Day 1 on IT 2” accompanied by a picture of a wedge of cheese with the hashtag “derryordairy.”

Derry, of course, is the fictional Maine town in which IT’s story is set.

But that’s not all. Shots surfaced on Reddit of Chastain along with MacAvoy as the older Bill Denbrough posing with Jaeden Lieberher and Jack Dylan Grazer, who played the younger Bill and Eddie respectively in the original and are expected to return for the sequel. They’re joined in other snaps with a few more adult Losers Club members including Bill Hader as Richie Tozier, James Ransone as an older Eddie and Isaiah Mustafa as an older (and all business) Mike Hanlon.

IT Chapter Two Reddit

Not pictured are actor-director Xavier Dolan, who recently came aboard to play a gay Derry local named Adrian Mellon and Will Beinbrink as Beverly’s abusive partner Tom Rogan.

And of course, also missing is Bill Skarsgård’s chilling Pennywise the Clown, who’s no doubt lurking somewhere in a sewer. But we’re pretty sure he’ll turn up.

2017’s IT was a surprise smash, raking in over $700 million at the worldwide box office. So expectations are high for IT: Chapter Two, which picks up with the Losers Club all grown up 30 years later and flashes back to 1989 when they were kids.  

Shooting on Warner Bros.’ next scary installment will take place in Toronto over the next several months. IT: Chapter Two is scheduled to hit theaters September 6, 2019.