Jessica Jones wraps production on Season 2, complete with cool shirts

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Sep 15, 2017, 2:21 PM EDT

We might all still be digesting The Defenders and getting ready for The Punisher to drop on a mystery date later this year, but Marvel and Netflix are already hard at work on the next phase — and a new season of Jessica Jones is officially locked and loaded.

Spoilers ahead for Season 1 of Netflix's Jessica Jones, as well as The Defenders!

Star Krysten Ritter took to social media to celebrate the end of shooting on Season 2 with some sweet wrap gear (Marvel needs to get the T-shirt below for sale pronto, right?), though the fact that it’s done is pretty much all we know about Jessica’s next adventure at the moment. Despite the fact that filming is wrapped, the show still isn’t slated to premiere until some point in 2018. Production just picked up on the heels of The Defenders’ shooting schedule, so Marvel and Netflix have the season in the can.

So what can we glean about Season 2? The stars have teased the story will be dark (no surprise there), and we know David Tennant’s deceased Kilgrave will be returning in some capacity. Best guess is that it’s related to dreams, flashbacks, or memories of some sort. Because, yeah, dude was pretty dead at the end of Season 1. The second season has also expanded its cast a bit, adding Golden Globe winner Janet McTeer (Damages, The Woman in Black) in a mystery role that will have an “enormous impact” on Jessica’s life.

Fresh off the events of The Defenders, Jessica will no doubt have her hands full. The miniseries showed that she’s still grappling with her demons from Season 1 and Kilgrave, but it seems she might be inching closer towards reopening Alias Investigations by the time Season 2 rolls around. Not to mention the fallout of a bunch of evil ninjas trying to take over New York in The Defenders. That’s not something you tend to forget all that quickly.

There’s also the question of — now that the solo show supporting casts have all met one another in The Defenders — could we have even more crossovers when Jessica Jones is back? Sure, it’d have to be organic, but it’ll be interesting to see how Marvel handles the fact that these worlds have gotten a bit smaller now that all these heroes are aware of one another.

Though, yeah, Jessica isn’t typically the type to ask for help, anyway.

Like the first year, Season 2 is also expected to consist of 13 episodes. No word on a release date, but mid-2018 seems like the safest bet. But, who knows — if Netflix has it ready to drop in the next few months, maybe we’ll see Jessica back in action sooner than we think? Not incredibly likely, but anything’s possible.