Jessica Biel on that Wolverine role: 'I don't know anything about it'

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:27 PM EST

Yesterday, we heard that Jessica Biel would make her return to Marvel movies (after her stint in Blade: Trinity) with a role as Viper in James Mangold's upcoming The Wolverine. But then somebody asked Biel herself about it, and it was bigger news to her than it was to us.

When an interviewer asked Biel about her "newly announced role," the Total Recall co-star first looked confused, then tried her best to get fan excitement under control by explaining the situation.

"People keep talking about this," she said. "I don't know anything about it. It's a little bit too soon, I think, for that kind of an announcement."

"It's not a done deal?" the interviewer asked.

"No," Biel replied.

So based on that conversation, it seems that Biel is definitely a contender for Viper, but while we could end up with some real news on the casting soon, it's only a rumor for now. Still, that didn't stop Biel from talking up the revitalization of the franchise, and commenting on fan enthusiasm about the news that she'd been cast.

"I'm super excited about this series. I love Wolverine. I think Hugh Jackman is so cool, James Mangold ... it's an amazing package," she said. "When you see that people actually really think that could be an amazing character ... When other people are excited, you get excited about things."

So for the moment, The Wolverine is officially Viper-less, but we'll let you know if this rumor becomes reality.

Check out the full interview with Biel below:

(Via HitFix)

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