Jessica Biel reveals what famous face was cut from Total Recall (and why)

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Dec 17, 2012

This summer, Len Wiseman's Total Recall came and went. It may have a been a dud at the box office, but that hasn't stopped us from talking about it. Apparently the film had a mystery actor in the lead role alongside Colin Farrell ... but we never saw him.

While promoting the film overseas, Jessica Biel explained the story behind that rumored Ethan Hawke cameo. Supposedly there was a secret scene left on the cutting room floor that featured the actor as Doug Quaid. In an interview with Clickonline, Biel finally revealed the truth of the matter.

"We didn't do it. We actually didn't shoot it. Colin and I shot it. Then we thought maybe Ethan would come in and shoot it as well. And we never did that. We felt that it would be really hard for the audience to connect to Colin's character when you've seen a different person... It was too much for us, and we figured it would probably be too much for the audience to go with it."


So where would this Farrell-Hawke switcheroo take place? It would have been in the opening scene, when Quaid is having a dream/flashback about Melina. And later on, when he's having a conversation with himself on screen, while at a piano.

Hear the rest of the details from Ms. Biel herself:

Would the film have been better with some Hawke action?

(via ComicBookMovie)

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