Jim Gordon is asked to hand in his badge in season 2 Gotham clip

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Sep 14, 2015, 3:56 PM EDT

In the first season of Gotham, we came to know and love police officer Jim Gordon for his relentless pursuit of justice and a low tolerance for criminal activity — traits that young Bruce Wayne embraces when he eventually dons the cowl. But as Jim Gordon is about to learn, the path to justice is a circuitous one.

In this scene from the upcoming Season 2, Police Commissioner Loeb orders Jim to resign.

Is this a look at things to come? Will the future police commissioner we know and love actually spend Season 2 without his badge? Could be. But as the clip continues, we see that Jim still has a job to do. 

The scene ends with a promise to Loeb that is pretty damned threatening.

We’ve been waiting for Gotham’s Season 2 since May 4, and we have another week to go. Hopefully, we’ll get to see Jim make good on that promise.

Check it out: