Jim Starlin says Infinity War home release could beef up Thanos' backstory

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Jul 3, 2018, 10:28 AM EDT

For those of you who liked Avengers: Infinity War but somehow wanted more Thanos, you may be in luck. Comics writing legend Jim Starlin has said that Marvel might release a special edition of the home video of Avengers: Infinity War that features archvillain Thanos’ backstory.

Jon Schnepp of Collider reported on a panel he moderated with Starlin at Las Vegas Comic Con this past weekend. The Thanos creator and Infinity Gauntlet writer reportedly confirmed that Infinity War directors Joseph and Anthony Russo shot roughly “30 minutes of Thanos’ backstory,” but ultimately had to cut for length issues. 

As Schnepp tells it, a couple months before the movie came out, the Russo Brothers called up Starlin and said: “We’re sorry to tell you … we have to cut out a lot of the Thanos backstory. We’re cutting out … 30 minutes of Thanos’ backstory.” This includes his origin and him as a youth. 

The reason for this is pretty obvious. As Schnepp relays Starlin’s story, according to the Russo Brothers: “We can’t fit all of it into the movie. We already have a two-and-a-half-hour movie.” Fair enough. 

But all is not lost. Starlin also said that he’s learned that the filmmakers are apparently eyeing a special edition of Avengers: Infinity War in which this footage featuring Thanos’ origins will be “reintegrated into the film.” That would make for one heck of a director's cut, if it happens, though we'd also be happy just to get a peek at the deleted scenes themselves.

Check out the video below. The discussion on the excised footage of the Mad Titan’s origins starts around the 3:12 mark.


No word from Marvel Studios as to whether this is indeed true, or when it will be released if it is. But Schnepp said if he had to guess, he figures it would most likely “come out after the Avengers: Infinity War regular Blu-ray” and “perhaps before Avengers 4.” But again, that's just a guess. 

Avengers: Infinity War is estimated to be available on Digital HD from Amazon Video and iTunes sometime in late July, while it’s set to be released on DVD and Blu-ray on Aug. 14.

(Via Collider)